The Complete Freedom of Truth Planning Meeting Srebrenica 15 – 18 May 2015


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The Complete Freedom of Truth Planning Meeting Srebrenica 15 – 18 May 2015

From the final performance in Dorset in 2014, a section directed by Nela Antonovic of Teater Mimart, Belgrade Serbia. Photograph: Robert Golden
A five year International Youth Culture and Arts programme of events and activities:

In August 2014, 56 young people and 16 artists and youth workers came together for a pilot arts and cultural programme in Dorset, UK. The partners were from 4 different countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania and the UK and we were joined by young people of many different abilities and from other countries including Africa, the Middle East and from other parts of Europe.

We developed ideas for a 5 year programme of youth activities through culture and the arts looking at issues of Democracy, Equality, Inclusion and Diversity, Social Justice and Human Rights. We explored multiple art forms including Parkour, Music, Photography, Film, Dance and Theatre.

At the request of many young people who took part in 2014, the first main event will be in Srebrenica from 2 – 22 August 2015 and will involve other towns from across Bosnia and Herzegovina including Jelah, Siroki, Travnik, Sarajevo, Mostar and Tuzla, amongst others.

Artists will join us from our 12 partnerships from 7 different countries including Italy, Portugal and Georgia to our existing partners from Serbia, Romania, BiH (the Youth Council Srebrenica) and the UK. The list of partners can be found at the bottom of this page.

Interviews can be organised with our press coordinator, the journalist
Elvira Jahic on +387 62 586 450 for Bosnia and Central and Eastern Europe.
For the UK and the rest of Europe from Tina Ellen Lee, Artistic Director/ Producer of Opera Circus on
Further information on

We would like to thank the OSCE for their help and the EU funding programme Erasmus + through the UK National Agency, the British Council.

We would also like to thank the Youth Council Srebrenica and the young people of the youth centre along with colleagues in the town for their on going partnership, hospitality and friendship.

  • Youth Council, Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Teater Mimart, Belgrade, Serbia
  • University of Bournemouth, Bournemouth UK
  • VBC, Bucharest, Romania
  • Opera Circus, Dorset, UK
  • Urban Playground Team, Brighton UK
  • Departure Arts, now ArtDeCo, Dorset UK
  • Fingers Puppet Theatre, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • The Commune di Siena, Siena, Italy
  • Diverse City, Dorset, UK
  • The Setubal Music Festival, Setubal, Portugal
  • Agencia, Manchester, UK,