Updating the blog and information on Opera Circus


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Updating the blog and information on Opera Circus

At the youth centre in Srebrenica – our host venue where breakfast, debates and performances were held.

So much to write about and so much progress. The Complete Freedom of Truth project’s first year in Srebrenica was transformative for nearly everyone that attended, be they partners, Ambassadors, professional established artists or emerging young artists and all the young participants. The best thing I can suggest is that you read the web site set up by our young IT team with 95% of the content being written by youth participants from 7 different countries – Italy, UK, Serbia, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal and Georgia. To get a real feel of the work please read the blog as well as the creative evaluation, designed by Irina Maria Ganescu from Romania with support from Shaniqua Benjamin and Rory Newbery amongst other young writers, film makers, photographers and activists. http://thecompletefreedomoftruth.com

Erasmus+ , an EU funding stream run through the British Council in Wales, has part funded a two and a half year process of cultural and arts activity, with 12 partners from 7 countries. All information can be found on the web site. The programme for 2016 is in the UK, full information to follow shortly and in Italy in April 2017. Funding willing, there will be a second phase of the work finishing in 2019/20. We would like to thank the Arts Council England and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe for their on going support.