Opera Circus 2021 – 2022


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Opera Circus 2021 – 2022

A quick note to let you know we are rebuilding this web site and we will launch the new site the first week of September 2021. Most of our work, other than planning and fundraising, has been moved to 2022 due to Covid and the multiple difficulties it has caused. Thank you all for your support and patience. Please see our Facebook page for regular news and updates. https://www.facebook.com/OperaCircusUK

The new web site for The Complete Freedom of Truth (TCFT) our long term international youth programme is here http://thecompletefreedomoftruth.com. We’re still updating some of the pages for new projects and future plans. Both web sites have been designed by Marko Stankovic and Irina Maria Ganescu.

We will be launching a Crowdfunding Campaign at the same time as the new web site and looking forward to fully getting back to work. Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive during this time.