The Human Hive Podcast – 7


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The Human Hive Podcast – 7

Robert Golden, photographed by Djordje Nikolic

“The Human Hive Podcast is designed to help changemakers on their journey by offering advice, inspiration, and the tools to get started. Get inspired with stories from people actively making a difference across the world to globally solve the most pressing problems facing people and planet today!

The Human Hive has created another podcast this time with Robert Golden, film maker and photographer. Robert has photographer and filmed the work of Opera Circus from the start in 1991 and continues to make extraordinary documentary films about the work of the company and The Complete Freedom of Truth, the long term youth arts and cultural programme.

The podcast is about his life and work and in particular about his latest documentary This Good Earth, which is about food, farming and the climate emergency.

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“THIS GOOD EARTH is a film that offers answers to how change can happen, and points the finger at those standing in the way. It is vital for young people in particular to look into their future.” -Robert Golden
“The Human Hive Podcast is a podcast for Changemakers. We define a Changemaker as a person or organisation actively striving to be the difference WITH, not FOR others – which means they work inclusively and collaboratively to solve collective problems that regenerate People, Place, and Planet.
In this episode we interview changemaker Robert Golden, director and producer of brilliant farming and climate change documentary THIS GOOD EARTH.

THIS GOOD EARTH is a beautiful, emotional film providing a view of the destruction wrought by the globalised farming system of landscapes, animal and plant species. It talks of the trap farmers are caught in and the life threatening use of man-made fertilizers, toxins and huge soil crushing machinery. It explains the relationship between the long food chain of corporate power, political failures with the resulting rise of obesity, non-communicative diseases, poverty, early deaths, and the denial of basic human rights. And ultimately resulting in the global climate crisis. It’s a hard-hitting film, but also offers hope and possible solutions from a wide range of minds, including bakers, farmers, doctors, scientists, health officials and leading experts on food security, human rights and justice.”
Darren Abrahams

About Robert Golden
Robert Golden is an internationally known photographer and documentary film-maker.
In the 80’s and 90’s he was one of the most recognised and successful food and still-life photographers in the world and worked as director and director of photography on 900 television food commercials and two award winning feature films.

From 1999 to 2005, he created two successful television series: Savouring the World and Savouring Europe. These films are good-time stories looking at the food and culture of 26 different regions around the world.

He has since made 50 documentaries. His research into food production, his personal love of food and his care for those who work so hard to produce it, led him to make a second film focused on his home region of West Dorset – THIS GOOD EARTH.

A new documentary will be released in a couple of months called Belonging/Becoming, interviews with 16 young people from different races and cultures talking about their lives and futures across 8 months in 2022. Here is a short trailer.
With thanks to The Human Hive for making this podcast possible.