The Human Hive – People, Places and Planet.


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The Human Hive – People, Places and Planet.

Two podcasts created for TCFT and Opera Circus by The Human Hive led by Darren Abrahams, artist, therapist and changemaker. The Human Hive is a CIC working with change making individuals and organisations to regenerate People Places and Planet.

In 2022 Darren produced two Human Hive podcasts looking at certain aspects of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. One podcast was with Shaniqua Benjamin and one with Tina Ellen Lee. Shaniqua’s podcast questioned why arts and culture weren’t part of the SDG’s, interviewing young people who were participating in the TCFT residency on the Island of Portland, in Dorset, UK. After the TCFT residency in Bratunac and Srebrenica in August 2022, Tina explored the difficulty of Partnerships in the light of these goals and her years of experience.

Many thanks to Darren Abrahams and The Human Hive for making these conversations possible.
Robert Golden, photographer, film maker and writer talks to Darren Abrahams about the influences on his life and work and on his latest Documentary, This Good Earth, which talks about food, farming, soil health and the climate emergency and above all human rights.a
Robert Golden, photographed by Djordje Nikolic.