Social Inclusion or Cohesion? What’s in a word?


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Social Inclusion or Cohesion? What’s in a word?

Photograph: Robert Golden

For the last 5 months Opera Circus has been involved in a process called Structured Dialogue through the Voices of Culture project led by The Goethe Institute in Brussels and the European Commission.

The question really was how can the EU combat the Nationalism and Fascism that is rising in Europe and can the arts and culture help? They also wanted to know what a variety of organisations thought about this question from those that represented the disabled, worked in prisons and hospitals, the arts, employment and academia.

The document is only a work in progress of course but the discussions were good, the commitment from the editorial team profound and the result, useful. It doesn’t have all the answers but is a good addition to the challenges that are at present not being deal with in particular all the migrant people who are looking for new countries to live in.