Social Enterprise Training with the University of Manchester


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Social Enterprise Training with the University of Manchester

The Youth Centre Srebrenica with the project Like a Film in My Mind 2013

In Place of War’s Cultural Entrepreneur Training Programme *

January 26 – 30 2015 Srebrenica, Bosnia - Supported by the University of Manchester, UK.

(* Pilot)

This five day training programme will train a number of people in the Srebrenica region to deliver an 8-week short course exploring a diverse range of practices and models through a series of innovative case studies from around the world. The trainees will engage with and analyse real life creative models and learn skills to develop a creative project.
Participants can find out how to develop and deliver a live event, learn why the cultural industries are important, discover how networks and partnerships can enhance a creative project, explore alternative models for structuring your creative business, understand how to fund a creative project and explore how others in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America have developed their creative projects. You will also develop your own creative project and present it to industry experts.

The course itself is divided into 8 units and in the 5 days training using the online programme you will learn how to teach:-

  1. An Introduction to the cultural industries
  2. An Introduction to cultural business management
  3. Alternative models in the cultural industries
  4. Festivals, events and conferences
  5. Creative spaces
  6. Networks and collaborative working
  7. Social media and citizen journalism
  8. The Creative Challenge

The course is run in conjunction with the University of Manchester, Agencia, the Youth Council and SARA, Srebrenica with Opera Circus. There are 12 spaces maximum and the sessions will be run in the offices of SARA, from 10 – 5 every day from the 26th – 30th January.

The course is free and lunch, coffee and tea will be provided. This pilot project course will be in English. There is a possibility of providing overnight stays for those from Milici and Vlasenica for 2 people. Transport for those from these towns and from Bratunac may apply for travel expenses. All participants must complete the full 5 day training programme.

After this pilot process we will arrange for the material to be translated into Bosnian/Serbian in order that the trainers can then deliver the programme more widely. We will work with all concerned to raise funding to extend the learning to businesses, municipalities, NGO’s, colleges and individuals interested in starting their own cultural and social enterprises, extending the learning to their own organisations or institutions or young artists and creative people wanting to develop their own projects.

The project itself is accredited by the University of Manchester and the people who have been trained during this pilot project week will receive a certificate confirming the training has been completed. There will be follow on support and consultation after completion of the programme.

Further details of the pilot project will be available early in January.

If you are interested in booking a place for this training please contact Nemanja Zekic at the Youth Centre: or

Opera Circus
In Place of War