Opera Circus and the future


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Opera Circus and the future

Sarvar Sabri, tabla player, work in progress for Naciketa composed by Nigel Osborne with text by Ariel Dorfman 2013 – Performances London in 2020 Southbank, Lighthouse and more.

We are waiting on the results of a series of funding applications to transform the way Opera Circus works, new directions, new visions and new work. The web site will be redesigned and much of the content rewritten. Please bear with us.

We have little capacity to do this at present and are working towards building a virtual arts company that works with a larger ensemble of creative freelance people who will help to develop all the opportunities that we are being offered with sustainable and long term goals.

The Complete Freedom of Truth, our long term international youth arts programme, has proven to be one of the most successful artistic processes we have created since we began in 1991, but has been a drain on our resources, human and financial. We need to re-imagine who we are and what we do and how we do it.

TCFT has opened up so many new areas of creative work and given new life to the artistic heart of the company.

At present we have a campaign to raise £200,000 to help transform the company and to take on our new programme of work in 2018, 2019 and 2020. If you have any ideas or connections do get in touch.

We will be sending out a Crowdfunding campaign shortly to help raise £20,000 to support 20 young people from Dorset to participate in the TCFT youth programmes in 2018. This includes exchanges with young people in Portugal, Serbia, Romania and/or Italy. They will have the opportunity to take part in the 10 day TCFT UK residency in August 2018, working with Glyndebourne and international partners from Sarteano and Setubal. We will be asking all of our networks to please help us circulate this at the right moment. With thanks.

We have a new advisory group of people to support our Board of Trustees, bringing new skills and intellect to our future work. Alister O’Loughlin and Miranda Henderson of Urban Playground Team, Anna Ledgard, Philiy Page, Shaniqua Benjamin, Rory Newbery, Rachael Veazey, Darren Abrahams, Robert Golden, Alain Ruche (Brussels), Geraldine Sharpe Newton and with guidance from Matt Little of Rio in Bristol.

This has been an exceedingly tough but incredibly productive year. Our thanks go to all those who have supported, helped, advised and been so patient to help us survive. We are on the cusp of change and look forward to the next five years of art, creativity, struggle and positive change.

  • Nigel Osborne, MBE, Emeritus Professor of Music at Edinburgh University has been a mentor for Tina Ellen Lee, the Artistic Director of Opera Circus and for many thousands of other people around the World. Nigel has been awarded the Inspiration Award by the British Composers Association and the Music Publisher’s Association, not only for his beautiful music, he is primarily a composer of the highest distinction, but also for his human rights work in particular working with children with trauma in conflict and post conflict countries. We would all like to congratulate Nigel along with the many thousands of people who have been touched by his teaching, care, brilliance and music.
  • Opera Circus is working with Nigel on his next chamber opera, Naciketa, some years in development, but now working with the Southbank Centre, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Bournemouth University and the Lighthouse, Poole, Dorset and looking to premier this beautiful new work in 2020.
Nigel Osborne and Tina Ellen Lee British Composers Awards at the British Museum London December 6 2017