Naciketa update December 2015


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Naciketa update December 2015

Naciketa, a new contemporary opera with music by Nigel Osborne and libretto by Ariel Dorfman, is now planned to premiere in 2017. We can’t give a complete picture of the premiere and performances as yet, but will look to provide as much information as we can in the early spring.

A simple page of description is on this web site

We are delighted to welcome Sam Brown as our Director of the opera in its final stages and we look forward very much to working with him.

During the year we have had many meetings and discussions with the Ravenna International Festival of Music, Italy, The Alchemy Festival as part of the Southbank, Poole’s Lighthouse, the University of Bournemouth and the Ashoka University in Delhi, India.

We have been hugely helped by the International Arts Producer, Gillian Newson and by ATER in Emiglia Romagna led by Francesca Zitoli.

As a reminder of where we started with Naciketa, here are two commissions led by the great Scottish guitarist and expert on Indian Music, Simon Thacker. These were the exploratory pieces for the opera and gave Nigel Osborne, composer, the time and space to create the musical landscape for the opera.

The Birth of Naciketa
Fire Agni