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BELONGING – BECOMING – a new documentary film at Bridport Arts Centre

* “I absolutely feel represented.”

From March 2022 through early August I photographed and filmed 4 different arts based pan-European projects involving young people from the age of eleven to the early thirties. As part of the process, I interviewed 35 people from, Mozambique, Eritrea, Kosovo, Serbian, Bosnia, Ukraine, Italy, Denmark, the UK and the USA.

While filming I recognised that there were underlying stories embedded in the interviews. One in particular, the notion of BECOMING, began to take shape and to influence the nature of my questions. It was compelling to grasp several of the central concerns the young people hold in common.

This addressed several things: that whether Christian, Jewish, Moslem, speaking different languages, being of different races, and coming from poor or wealthy nations and whichever gender, they shared values and humane desires for a better world; that they were able to articulate their worst fears but often could not grasp the underlying financial, economic, political and ideological causes of their hardship, although knowing that somewhere in the wider world, things are amiss.

Each phase of the editing has been sent to the participants, asking them to suggest changes or to explain problems they may have with the film. The responses were all very positive and included some excellent changes to be made. I wanted the participants to feel some ownership and control over the process, which I believe has happened. The edit and its many changes have now been finished as of August 2023 and will now begin its life in the world.*

Robert Golden the film maker


*“Refreshing to hear young people talking about their opinions, hopes and fears from all over the world – giving voice to the next generation!”

*“How grateful I am to you for your work in the world. It is so important to get the exposure of ideas and vision that you have to my young students who so deserve a world of justice and peace.”

* “I was so moved by the young people – their candour, thoughtfulness, openness and acuity.

* “Part of the magic of the film was the extraordinary feeling of trust in you the filmmakers – the opening of their hearts.”

First performance at Bridport Arts Centre on September 17th, doors open at 15.00/3pm. A Snapshot, a short drama film about Autism starring Josh Ward, young actor from Bournemouth in Dorset, will be shown as well. There will be refreshments during the interval.

Tickets £5
(We have 50 free tickets for young people under 25 and guests.)